About the Studio

Gergely Siményi

photographer, specialized in interior and food photography

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Gergő is a professional photographer with more than two decades of experience. In the last 10 years, ha has been specialzed in hotel interior photography and food photography and had worked together with some of the most popular hotels in Hungary. After conducting many successful photo shoot, with many years of experience, he quickly sees the potentials of the locations and knows exactly how to conjure up an idea of a perfect holiday, feelings and moods with the power of images. He works amazingly fast and efficiently and as a true perfectionist, he always strives to make everyone 100% satisfied with the photos he takes.

  • If you want a convincing portfolio for your hotel that is guaranteed to increase your traffic,
  • If you want professional-looking pictures that will appealing to your guests,
  • If you want to create a virtual copy of your hotel where the appearance of the hotel and the atmosphere are also present,
  • If you want to make your hotel guests' first encounter, the virtual encounter to be persuasive,
  • If you know that a beautiful, professional hotel can only be successful with the right presence, accurate branding and look,
  • If you know that you have to provide the same quality in the virtual world as with real services,

  • And if you are looking for a professional interior photographer to reach these aims, don't hesitate to contact me.


Siményi Gergely interior photographer, food photographer

Judit Nagy
studio manager, food photographer

In addition to being a professional photographer, Judit graduated in 2011 as an economist specialzed in marketing. She will help you working out the best shoot schedule for your hotel and happily answers all your questions.
She manages the day-to-day operations of our studio and she is also present during the photo shoot either as Gergely's assistant or as a food photographer. Judit ensures that everything goes smoothly and in accordance with the plans.

Nagy Judit photographer, food photographer

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